Havana Light Beyond Vision Cover

“I grew up thinking of Cuba as a forbidden land. Spending time there has dispelled some of those myths, and deepened others.” – photographer Andrew Child

Havana Harbor Sunrise

Havana Harbor Sunrise

Ghostly figures stroll Havana’s pastel streets. Tobacco seedlings pulse green in the Viñales Valley. This is Havana: Light Beyond Vision, a new book of full color, infrared photography by Boston photographer Andrew Child.

Using a unique approach to photography, Child captures the island nation in 63 brilliant panoramas, each shimmering with light that is otherwise invisible to the naked eye. From Hemingway’s seaside fishing village of Cojímar to Havana’s bustling avenidas, each photograph reveals the hidden colors of a nation shrouded in mystery.

Havana Light Beyond Vision Introduction


The Photographer and His Passion

I’m a Boston photographer who specializes in a unique approach to photographing panoramas, using colorized infrared light. In simple terms, I capture dreamlike photographs in sunlight that is invisible to the human eye. And for the past three years, Cuba has been my canvas and my inspiration.

The Malecón, Havana, Cuba

The Malecón

Growing up during the Cold War, I saw Cuba as a mysterious country veiled in secrecy. When I first traveled there in 2013, I was moved by how much I didn’t know, and how eager the people were to share their culture.

‘58 Chevy Delray Beneath the Almendares Bridge, Cuba

‘58 Chevy Delray Beneath the Almendares Bridge

Havana has a unique blend of Cuban hospitality, beautiful neocolonial architecture, Caribbean sensuality, and economic potential that keeps pulling me back. It’s also a country in transition – with one foot in Cold War socialism and one in free market capitalism – the perfect setting for exploring vision, perception, and misperception.

Fishing Dock, Cojimar, Cuba

Fishing Dock, Cojimar

This book is the culmination of three years of work in Havana and the surrounding countryside. It offers no stance on the complex relationship between the United States and Cuba. Instead, I share this book with the public in the hopes of shedding some light, both literal and figurative, on our neighbors to the south.

Book Details

This 13″ x 11″, 136-page, hardcover, coffee table book is laid out in broad landscape format. Inside are 63 double-page, panoramic images in brilliant, infrared color. Captions offer insights into the places, people, culture, and history of Havana and its surroundings.

The book is available at a cost of $39.95 through this site or on Amazon.

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Farm House, Tobacco Field and Hill, Viñales, Cuba

Farm House, Tobacco Field and Hill, Viñales


Hershey Sugar Mill Ruins, Cuba

Hershey Sugar Mill Ruins


Cojimar Gas Station, Cuba

Cojimar Gas Station


Hemingway Study at Finca Vigía, Cuba

Hemingway Study at Finca Vigía


La Catedral from the Bell Tower, Havana, Cuba

La Catedral from the Bell Tower